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How To Play
Contract Address: 0xD0A69fd9DA28840603FBD76A8a0bCCF0aDb979E8

1. To register Send 0.01 *(Currently)* Eth to the above contract. (From a wallet you Control!!!)

a. MetaMask
b. Trezor
c. Ledger
d. Do Not Send From an exchange wallet, or any wallet you dont have the seed words for.

2. MetaMask --> Assets --> Import Tokens --> Custom --> Paste In contract Address.

3. or You can see you balance by pasting your address in the Main Screen and clicking the green check.

4. Tell your friends.

The experiment is to distribute tokens based on incentives to the earliest participants getting the most credits.

The Mission is to distribute a token as far and as wide as possible.

Credits Awarded are based on the order you signup and increase with each additional signup.